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5 quick and easy ways to make money in GTA Online in 2021 – Sportskeeda

GTA Online doesn’t just reward players for putting in the time and griding for hours on end, it also incentivizes smart play. So, while players can spend hours on a playlist of adversary modes and races, they would be better off experimenting with the different activities on offer.
Despite what Shark Cards may have players believe, it isn’t that hard to start minting money in GTA Online. If players are willing to put in the hours and find intelligent ways to make money, they will have zero problems progressing.
While methods such as owning MC Businesses require players to put in work and reap the benefits over time, the methods listed here might provide instant gratification. While they also need a certain level of patience to make money, these methods will ensure that players won’t have to wait long to live the good life in GTA Online.

Contact Missions are a great way to find a gamer’s footing in GTA Online. Gerald’s missions get unlocked fairly early on the game and offer decent money and RP. For beginners, these tasks are an absolute must as they are relatively easy to complete, and grinding them repeatedly means players can earn a lot of money.
The key is to purchase an armored vehicle like the Kuruma to assist in these missions, essentially rendering players impervious to gunfire. They then essentially don’t even have to step out of their cars, and since these missions incentivize speed, players can complete them quickly.
Other Contact Missions are also a great way to get started in the game and begin accumulating wealth.

Probably the easiest way to make money in GTA Online, as players have to collect particular objects. In some cases, such as with Signal Jammers, all they need to do is shoot and destroy certain items.
These are reasonably easy to find and do not require gamers to step into matchmaking and rely on other players to join in and help out. These collectibles can be found quite easily. Some of the best are Signal Jammers and Solomon’s Movie Props, as there aren’t that many to “collect.”
These tasks usually pay out individually and a lump-sum amount after the player has collected the whole lot of them, thus, accruing a lot of income.

Every Thursday, Rockstar shakes things up in GTA Online with a weekly update that focuses on giving players a new podium vehicle, as well as bonus activities. These activities might be Contact Missions or Double/Triple rewards on certain businesses and other such jobs in GTA Online.
Many players like to map out entire weeks in the game based on which activities will pay out more. For instance, if Special Cargo is worth double cash and RP, they will spend the entire week completing these tasks.
So, it literally pays to be attentive in GTA Online and keep an eye out for which activities and businesses are worth more throughout the week.

It should be pretty straightforward that the only way to move up in GTA Online in a meaningful way is to have more than one revenue source. Simply doing heists or adversary mode isn’t going to cut it, as players will need to make that eventual step-up into businesses.
One of the best ways to get into business is through the MC Clubhouse, but the Executive Office might prove more profitable in a shorter time. By buying an office and a warehouse, players can start Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo work.
These are some of the best ways players can make money, and thanks to the PS Plus monthly bonus, they should have little problem getting an office and warehouse.

Due to being open for solo grinding, the Cayo Perico Heist makes an excellent case as one of the most profitable activities in GTA Online. No longer will players have to wait a long time in matchmaking and hopefully run into a good crew.
They can now hop into their Kosatka and go heistin’ all by themselves and keep the entire payout for themselves. While it does make things a bit tougher and locks players out of some loot, it is a good bargain.
As mentioned previously, PlayStation players can easily purchase the Kosatka due to the million-dollar bonus. This makes the heist a complete no-brainer for those trying to make more money by playing solo in GTA Online.
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