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8 Most Promising Contenders for The 2022 Academy Awards, According To Reddit – Screen Rant

This year has been filled with great films by acclaimed directors and Redditors have voiced their opinions on what movies are Oscar contenders.
The Oscars are one of the most important events of the year for people everywhere as they celebrate the best entertainment that cinema has to offer. In the past couple of years, many of the Oscars rules and qualifications have changed to cater to a more diverse audience while also voicing the opinions of renowned critics.
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This being said, the Academy Awards are special and honor only those films that seem to both affect the world and bring something original and wonderful to life for all people to see. With all this speculation about the 2022 Oscars, Redditors have laid out their favorite choices and who the Academy could favor this coming awards season.
Last Night In Soho, which was inspired by many movies of the past, follows a fashion designer who meets a dazzling singer and encounters something much darker as the two grow closer. This Edgar Wright film could be an Oscar contender according to Genericstudent1 who says that this film is to Wright as Jojo Rabbit is to Taika Waititi.
Though this movie has been out for a while, it was highly anticipated to make a huge impact in the box office. This film is certainly cast well and Wright is the perfect director to visualize this story in a dark, yet sometimes comical, light.
CODA is about a hearing girl in an all deaf family who realizes her passion for singing as she is also drawn in by one of her singer partners from choir. SweetChardonnay states that this Apple TV film is a contender considering it made an impact at Sundance and Apple is willing to put more money into it as it campaigns during Oscar season.
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This feature, directed by Sian Heder, is something that will please audiences of any age and while it may not win Best Picture, it’s sure to be recognized in some other capacity for it’s ability to embrace disabilities and their influence on communities and families.
Passing follows the story of a woman who uses her lighter complexion to fit in and experience the luxuries of being white-passing in a segregated world. TaintedBlue87 believes that Ruth Negga, who plays Claire Hendry, has a strong possibility of receiving a supporting actress nomination for this work.
Ruth Negga has been in many amazing roles over the years, including her stint as Tulip in Preacher, but it’s clear that she has talent abound and deserves recognition. However, a nomination certainly isn’t guaranteed especially since this film came out a few months before most other Oscar contenders usually release.
Dune is a sci-fi drama based on a book that brings to life Paul Atreides, a man with an unfathomable destiny who must deal with evil forces to save precious land that contains valuable material for society. There is obviously much more to this story, but the first half satisfied audiences, considering Redditor BoomBrain puts it in the spot of number five for Best Picture and four for Best Director.
While there are many changes between the 2021 Dune movie and the book, Denis Villeneuve, the director of this film, delivers an experience that is different from the 1980s version while also paying respect to the story that audiences have adored for several decades. This film is well casted and has some SFX that is tough to beat even in this advanced age of science fiction story telling.
The Power Of The Dog is a western style drama that follows a rancher whose brother comes home with a new wife and her son when something completely out of the ordinary happens. Reddit user 213846 has this film ranked as number one on their Best Picture list for the 2022 Oscars and for a good reason.
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This film is also a great contender for Best Director, considering it is Oscar winner Jane Campion’s brain child, since she both wrote and directed it. All of this is to say, this film will not disappoint and is sure to offer a mix of Western flare to the Oscar pool.
Steven Spielberg’s new interpretation of West Side Story featuring Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort has just hit theaters and is sure to rake in more money throughout the holiday season. BrendanCLittle says that this film will most likely beat out In The Heights in terms of nominations because of the director’s acclaim.
However, audiences also believe that West Side Story‘s remake could set a new Oscars record. For example, Rita Moreno was in the original film adaptation of the musical and received a previous nomination for that performance as well, and she’s in contention yet again this year. This production is sure to be a steady success, but Rita Moreno and her dedication to this adaptation runs deeper than the story itself and should be acknowledged by the Academy.
House of Gucci stars Lady Gaga, who gives one of the best performances of the year in the film, and Adam Driver as Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci. It tells the true story of Maurizio’s murder. Moonlightprincess99 says that this film is “a huge comeback for [director] Ridley Scott.”
Even though Ridley Scott has produced many films over the years, his most recent productions have left mixed audience reviews. House of Gucci is star-studded and revolves around a murder case that is still somewhat new. Since its release, the film has garnered tons of attention online and continues to be one of the best movies in the box office right now.
Spencer follows the last Christmas before Princess Diana’s death and captures her state of mind as she find herself lonely in the presence of the rest of the British Royal family. Redditor Oswaldcobblepot99 believes that this film even has a chance at being nominated and winning the Oscar for best cinematography.
Spencer is purely about Diana and her personal life, and this film makes sure to focus on her feelings rather than the political side of her life with royalty. It’s long landscape shots and beautiful set design both bring to life Diana and give this movie a chance at being nominated for an Oscar.
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