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· November 26, 2021 · Leave a Comment ·
 A wonderful opportunity for fun and inspiration has come along as we get ready for the holidays.
On the 29th of November, we’ll present our first Coffee Chat and Change the World Publication, a living Advent Calendar. The calendar, available free online, will feature activities that friends, family or folks on their own can do together for each day from December 1 to 25.
And who’s going to write this? You are, of course.
I’m asking our Coffee Chat friends who would like to play, to send me your ideas ( for ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive and well in these perilous times.
If your idea is chosen you’ll receive a copy of my book Catch the Christmas Spirit. Dea Irby and I are contributing family ideas. Anessa McClendon has some great dessert recipes. I’m pretty sure Barb Kohler will have some ideas for feeding squirrels and Bil Lews is bound to create appropriate voices and signs of protest.
Just to get you started, see Father Fred’s beautiful picture of the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth. (above) Tell the story. If you don’t know the story, ask Father Fred.
And Sandra Solon contributed this idea;
My idea for the calendar:
So Sandra and Father Fred each win a copy of Catch The Christmas Spirit whether they want it or not.
Why not join in the fun, and send me your idea for a day of Christmas/holiday activity. We’ll unveil the calendar on the November 29 Christmas Chat and Change the World show.
The Advent Calendar will be free to the Coffee Chat and Change the World audiences. We plan that future publications will also be available as ebooks to raise money for charity. Those of you who have tried to make money with ebooks may have better ideas.
Come on now, admit it. Aren’t you having fun?
Dorothy Wilhelm is a columnist, humorist, speaker and broadcaster who has spoken to audiences from Bangkok to Nashville. Dorothy hosted Beacon Award winning My Home Town on Comcast TV for another decade and she now does an Internet radio broadcast on the SOB Radio network. (That stands for Spunky Old Broads. All the hosts are women over fifty.) She does Tai Chi three times a week, including Sword Form – and she drives anywhere she wants.
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