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PayPal is a popular online payment system and payments app, and if you're new to using it, you might be wondering how to use a credit card on PayPal. The good news is you can easily use a credit card with PayPal. While you can link your bank account or a debit card to PayPal, you may prefer to use a credit card for some online purchases. Before making a payment, you'll need to link a credit card. Check out the information below to better understand how to use a credit card on PayPal.
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If you haven't used a credit card on PayPal before, you'll need to first link a card to your PayPal account. Here's how to do this on the PayPal app and on the website.
Once you do this, you'll be able to make payments with a credit card. You will see your newly linked card in your PayPal wallet and you can add more credit cards in the future.
Here's how to use a credit card on PayPal to pay someone or to pay for goods and services.
If you're paying a person or sending money to someone for payment directly:
If you're paying a person or sending money to someone for payment directly:
You can also use a credit card on PayPal when shopping online. When you're on a website that allows PayPal as the payment method, choose PayPal and log in to your account. You can then choose an existing credit card in your wallet or link a new credit card.
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Here's what you need to know before you pay with your credit card.
Before using a credit card on PayPal, you should know you'll be charged a fee for doing so. This isn't unusual. Other payment apps like Venmo also charge users when they make a payment with a credit card. But the fees can add up — especially if you're making a larger purchase. PayPal charges 2.9% plus a fixed $0.30 fee when paying with a credit card for domestic purchases.
Let's look at two examples to see how quickly those fees can add up:
Paying with a credit card on PayPal is a convenient option, but just be sure to keep the fees in mind.
Some cards may charge a cash advance fee for using a credit card on PayPal. More recently, some card issuers have updated their terms and conditions to note that person-to-person money transfers may code as a cash advance transaction, meaning that the card user will also be charged cash advance fees.
Cash advance fees can be costly. Typically, they're 3% to 5%. While some credit card users may have PayPal transactions code as a cash advance, this isn't always the case. Check your card's terms and conditions or contact your card issuer to see if this is the case for your card.
If you have a credit card that earns points, you may be able to earn credit card points when using a card on PayPal. This depends on the type of rewards card that you have. For example, if you have a card with rotating categories and PayPal is one of the current categories, you can earn points. Some cards with rotating categories do require you to opt in to be able to earn, so be sure to do that if you want to take advantage of that perk.
If your card earns at a flat rate for purchases, you can also earn points. But if your card only earns points on travel purchases or other categories that exclude PayPal, you likely won't earn points on your purchase.
If you'll earn enough rewards that carry a value higher than the fees you'll be charged, it may be worth considering using a credit card to make a payment on PayPal.
It depends on your purchase and your credit card. To help decide if you should use a credit card on PayPal, consider these factors:
It's possible to use a credit card on PayPal, and now you know the basics of how to do it. But before you use a card for your purchase, make sure you understand what fees you may be charged. It might make more sense to link your bank account to your PayPal account to avoid extra fees. By doing this, PayPal will transfer money from your bank account to make the payment, and you might save some money.
Some other questions we've answered:
Yes. You can use your credit card to pay someone through PayPal. While this is an option, you will be charged a fee.
Yes, PayPal charges a flat rate fee of $0.30, plus 2.9% for each credit card transaction for domestic purchases.
Some card issuers may consider PayPal to be a cash advance transaction. If this is the case, they can charge a cash advance fee. That means in addition to PayPal's fees, you may have to pay additional fees to your card issuer. Always check before using a card on PayPal to see if this is the case.
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