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Schitt's Creek: 10 Ridiculous Words Moira Used (That Reddit Fans Loved) – Screen Rant

Reddit fans learned a handful of words from Moira Rose’s large vocabulary and unique dialect on Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek.
Recently, Catherine O’Hara did an interview with ET Canada about the possibility of a Schitt’s Creek movie or spinoff. To fans’ delight, O’Hara said “I would love to do anything with (Dan and Eugene Levy).” However, the script would have to be perfect before diving into such a project.
O’Hara portrayed the one-of-a-kind Moira Rose and stole fans’ hearts with her fashion choices, dialect, and more importantly, choice of vocabulary. Moira’s vocabulary was vast and the way she strung words along was hilariously unique. Fans on Reddit shared some of the advanced words they learned from Moira and what they meant.
Betterworld62 told Reddit, “My nomination is S2 E9 when Moira is asking Stevie to find nude pics of younger Moira online. I couldn’t figure out what the heck she said, so I pulled up the subtitles: ‘I should’ve appreciated those firm round mammae and callipygian a*s while I had them.'”
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In the scene, Moira was upset when her leaked nudes weren’t as famous as she hoped. Adorably, her husband kept a copy of the said photo for safe-keeping, proving Johnny and Moira were couple goals. According to Collins Dictionary, mammae means “the milk-secreting organ of female mammals.” While callipygian means “having [a] shapely buttocks.”
Moira’s trailer for The Crows Have Eyes was a moment that lives rent-free in fans’ minds. Her acting was hilariously superb as a scientist infected with a crow disease.
In one scene, Moira huddled the family to watch the trailer together. She needed the room to be dark so that everyone could see the screen. It was in this scene that Moira used a large word that Duvetmole loved. “When trying to view the trailer of her movie she asks Johnny to close the curtains but then tells him ‘It’s positively obsidian in here!'” they wrote. According to Dictionary, obsidian means “a volcanic glass.” In Moira’s case, she meant the room was dark.
Throughout Schitt’s Creek, Moira and Alexis had some great (and not-so-great) mother-daughter moments. They didn’t necessarily respect each other at the start but they grew to love each other by the finale.
Temple3489 loved when “[Moira] called Alexis a frippet.” In the same scene at Cafe Tropical, MacabreFox adored the way Moira said duplicitous. “When she calls Alexis a duplicitous whore and then turns to Twyla to say hello it kills me!” Merriam-Webster defined duplicitous as “deceptive in words or action.” While Dictionary says frippet means “a frivolous or flamboyant young woman.”
In one scene, Moira called fellow Jazzagal, Grace, a “timorous grinagog,” a compliment SunQuest loved the most on Reddit. Enthuse-Marketing noted that grinagog is defined as “One who is always grinning.”
While there were plenty of amazing Jazzagal moments, Moira’s admiration for a few of her fellow singers when she thought she was leaving the town was one of the best.
When Moira was a part of the town council and thinking of ways to bring money and notoriety to the town, she took Alexis’ idea for a singles week and used it as her own. Moira knew Alexis was going to be annoyed that she used her idea after shooting it down so she became defensive and used the term Pettifogging.
Can-ihugnkissyou loved when Moira said, “Oh Alexis, no time for pettifogging.” Cambridge University defines pettifogging as “old-fashioned disapproving.” For context, Moira didn’t have time for Alexis’ disapproval because she needed help with the singles week. 
As an actress, Moira used her acting chops to get her way when she could — especially at town council meetings. But when she realized her acting career was over and it was time to retire, she got upset and acted out.
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Mksurfin7 said they loved the scene where Moira turned down roaming wedding venues with David and said “Sadly, I won’t be able to squire you for today’s wedding venue peregrination.” Merriam-Webster defines peregrination as “to travel especially on foot” or “walk.”
This scene (and phrase) became an instant Moira meme because of her choice of wording and dry tone. In the scene, Moira thought David was going to ask for her help at Rose Apothecary. Instead of assisting her son, Moira told him she was “bedeviled with meetings, etc…” which was a lie.
ElleRiggins told Reddit, “Bedeviled is my personal fave. ‘I’m absolutely bedeviled with important meetings all day!'” Bedeviled, as defined by Vocabulary, means troubled or tormented.
In ‘The Rollout,’ Moira tried escaping jury duty by talking in long, complicated sentences to make her point. Buzzbash noted how much they loved Moira’s use of the word prestidigitator, meaning “magician.”
Moira told the judge, “The fact that my own world was ripped out from under me, by someone like this prick of a prestidigitator?” A quote like this is why Moira was one of Schitt’s Creek’s funniest characters.
Moira and David had similar ups and downs in their mother-son relationship to her mother-daughter relationship with Alexis. In ‘Murder Mystery,’ Moira offended David by saying, “Exactly, David. You are bored, lethargic, and practically dripping with ennui!”
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Ryan-92 told Reddit the word ennui was one of their favorites and means “a feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction.” After telling David he was dissatisfied, he told her she was a little bit too much.
Some felt that it didn’t make sense when Moira joined the town council since she loathed Schitt’s Creek and didn’t care about the future of the town. But as time went on, Moira grew to admire the area and learned a lot about herself there.
In one of the town hall meetings, Moira used the word confabulate, which Ferrietyler loved. In the scene, Moira said, “Ronnie, might you and I confabulate for a moment in the back room?” According to Dictionary, confabulate means “to converse informally” or “chat.”
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