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Survey Junkie Review: Is It Legitimate and Worth Your Time? – GOBankingRates

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Survey Junkie is an online market research community that rewards points to members for taking surveys, browsing the web and completing profile questionnaires. Points can be redeemed for cash or e-gift cards.
Survey Junkie is owned by DISQO, a consumer insights platform, and got its start in 2011. Its legacy of more than a decade and its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau speak to Survey Junkie’s legitimacy.
Hundreds of brands hire DISQO, Survey Junkies’ parent company, to gather consumer insights and data for them. Survey Junkie merely provides the means of collecting that data.
Survey Junkie has two parts to its platform: SJ Opinion and SJ Pulse.
SJ Opinion is the survey component of the platform. Users complete a user profile, and Survey Junkie uses the data to match users to the criteria required by the various surveys. Users earn points for every survey they take, which can be converted into cash payouts.
SJ Pulse records users’ web browsing activities in exchange for points. Due to privacy laws, users must opt in to SJ Pulse and install a browser extension to earn those rewards. Users can be part of the SJ Opinion community without joining SJ Pulse. However, SJ Pulse members qualify for exclusive surveys and perks. SJ Pulse is currently not available on iOS devices, but it is in the works.
Regardless of how users choose to earn points, they can redeem their points for e-gift cards or for cash via PayPal or a direct transfer to a bank account.
GOBankingRates gave Survey Junkie a 4.2 overall score for the following features. Here’s what users can expect if they try Survey Junkie.
Survey Junkie’s sign-up process is straightforward. Users can sign up using Facebook or Google account credentials, or they can create an account using an email address. While the initial sign-up process is quick and simple, users will also be asked to fill out a profile questionnaire about their income, shopping habits and education level, among other personal details.
The questionnaire is not required, but it is recommended. Users also earn points for completing the user profile questionnaire.
The answers to these questions enable Survey Junkie to match users with the best survey opportunities. The more data a user shares with Survey Junkie, the more surveys the platform can make available. Survey Junkie does not use questionnaire data for anything other than matching users with surveys. Collected data is not sold to third parties.
Because the only on-platform tasks users can perform are surveys, the interface is easy to navigate. Based on Survey Junkie’s online help center, most of the frustration users have reported relates to how the surveys work rather than the platform itself.
Disqualifications and Technical Difficulties
A user can be partway through a survey and be disqualified. According to Survey Junkie, “getting disqualified from surveys is a common occurrence and is a part of survey taking.” A survey can reach its response limit and terminate any users still completing the survey. Survey Junkie does award partial points when this occurs.
Like any platform, users may experience a technical glitch on occasion. There are troubleshooting instructions in the online help center, but tech support is available to help users who cannot fix issues based on the troubleshooting tips.
Redeeming Points
The points redemption process is also easy to navigate. With a minimum of 500 points, users can cash out via PayPal or a direct transfer to a bank account. E-gift cards can also be purchased and may require a phone call with a Survey Junkie representative to complete the purchase. Some may find this inconvenient.
One of Survey Junkie’s top FAQs is “How much money will I make for taking surveys?” Survey Junkie does not provide an answer other than to state that users “will NOT get rich.”
Other users claim survey pay ranges anywhere from 20 cents to $3.00 per survey, though Survey Junkie does not directly claim this. Taking online surveys is generally not a big money-making opportunity, and earning on Survey Junkie is no different. Survey Junkie states that the average survey completion time is 15 minutes, so a user would need a lot of time to make any real money. However, an easy extra few dollars a day can certainly add up.
Surveys and Browsing
Survey Junkie offers only two ways to earn points and payouts — taking surveys and allowing Survey Junkie to record online browsing, searching and shopping habits via SJ Pulse. For users who don’t take web privacy too seriously, using SJ Pulse may be an easy way to passively earn some extra points in addition to completing surveys. Survey Junkie does encrypt all collected data sent to the parties conducting the research.
Points earned do not seem to be based on the estimated time to take a survey or the number of questions. Users may find some surveys simply are not worth the time. Spending 20 minutes to earn a few cents might not be time well spent.
Web vs. Mobile Survey Opportunities
More surveys are available to users who log in on a computer rather than a mobile device. Additional surveys are also available to SJ Pulse members. Users who join SJ Pulse agree to allow Survey Junkie to track their online habits. This data provides the platform with much more user data than those who simply take the questionnaire. Therefore, more surveys can be matched.
Surveys do not stay up indefinitely. Most have a maximum number of people who can participate, and the higher-value surveys will naturally get scooped up more quickly. Users who have the opportunity to check the platform throughout the day have the best chance of getting in on the better-paying surveys before they reach capacity.
Points Value
Users’ points are worth 1 cent each. So 500 points are worth $5 — the minimum amount of points users must have to cash out. It isn’t a bad chunk of extra cash for users who meet this minimum simply by taking surveys and browsing the internet.
Users who earn more than $600 for the calendar year are issued a 1099 tax form.
The Survey Junkie mobile app has an easy-to-use interface, and users can do many of the same things on the app as they can on a computer. However, the big downside to the app is that surveys are limited on mobile devices since many of them are not mobile-friendly.
Many surveys are not available on the mobile app, hindering earning potential for users who only use smartphones to complete surveys. While a mobile device can be useful for completing surveys during on-the-go-downtime, home users may want to jump on a computer for the best survey opportunities.
Survey Junkie provides an estimated time that it will take an individual to complete each survey and the number of points that will be earned. As a result, users don’t have to worry about selecting a lower-paying survey only to find out that it takes 20 minutes to complete. It is also helpful in finding a few quick surveys to complete during downtime.
There are several sites and apps that allow users to earn money by taking surveys. Here is how Survey Junkie compares to a few of its competitors.
The significant advantage Swagbucks has over Survey Junkie is the variety of ways users can earn points on the platform. On Swagbucks, users can earn points in the following ways:
Those who find taking surveys too tedious may prefer Swagbucks for the variety. Surveys for both sites pay about the same and offer similar points redemption options.
Unlike Survey Junkie, InboxDollars pays in dollars instead of points. It makes it very easy to determine how much a survey pays. InboxDollars claims to pay between 50 cents and $5.00 per survey, on average, with some paying as much as $20 or more. With InboxDollars, users can also earn rewards by watching videos, playing games, shopping online through the platform, and performing other tasks.
Users can cash out via PayPal, check or gift card. However, the payout threshold is higher than Survey Junkie’s $5. InboxDollars requires a balance of $15 before requesting an initial payout. Then users can cash out at a minimum balance of $10.
Point-earning opportunities on Opinion Outpost fall somewhere between Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Users can take surveys, test products, review advertisements and more. According to Opinion Outpost, users average a $10 gift card for every 10 surveys completed.
The sign-up process is very similar to Survey Junkie. The more questions a user answers about demographics and interests on the initial questionnaire, the better surveys can be matched.
Survey Junkie is a good platform for people who have access throughout the day to jump online and complete surveys as they become available. Since surveys have a maximum participant threshold, it may require constant checking for available surveys. While Survey Junkie’s earning potential isn’t great, it does offer a simple way to make a few extra bucks here and there.
Both earning points and cashing them out are straightforward, whether online or on the Survey Junkie app. To make the most of Survey Junkie, users should complete the entire user questionnaire, use a computer rather than the mobile app and sign up for SJ Pulse.
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Information is accurate as of May 11, 2022.
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