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Tunegaga Scam (Dec 2021) Learn All The Aspects Here! – DoD Buzz

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The guide shares details about the website to help users know if Tunegaga Scam or legit.  
Have you ever imagined making money online by listening to your favorite songs and music? Yes, it is possible in this digital era, and one such site is It is an online platform that pays users for listening to music. 
The platform pays money to those users who watch videos and listen to music. The process to sign-up is easy and simple, and you can start earning money right away.
The platform attracts users in the Philippines, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. But, some users want to know if Tunegaga Scam or legit.
Table of Contents is the ultimate way for music lovers to get paid for listening to music. It is an online platform recently launched, and it attracts worldwide music lovers to listen to music and stream videos to get paid for it. 
Users have to sign-up and start listening to the music of their interest and get paid for it. The platform claims to pay each user every week via different payment modes, and the platform is active on 180 nations and social media channels. 
Despite so many hypes, people are still reluctant to join the platform. So, they are looking for relevant info and want to know if Tunegaga Scam or a legit platform.             
According to research and reviews, is the online site to promote songs of new artists. It attracts worldwide music lovers and urges them to listen to those new songs as per their interest, and in return, they get paid for listening to music. 
Users have to sign-up and like or share their views to get rewards and money. The money is added to the user’s account, which they can withdraw directly every weekend on their Crypto wallet or bank account. Users also earn money by referring the website to family and friends.
It is the question that many users have in their minds. It is important because nothing comes for free, and getting paid for listening to music is unacceptable for many users. So, we have created a list of factors to help you decide whether it is a scam or a legit platform.
Based on these facts, we can’t endorse or support legitimacy. Users have to research the website and must go through all the reviews further to know whether it is worth their time or a scam. 
After evaluating, we found that the website is established recently and has received mixed reviews, where some are claiming it is a legit portal for money-making while some are considering it a total scam. 
So, we urge our readers to stay alert and research properly before using the website. It will help you know if Tunegaga Scam or a legit website to use. Besides, learn the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.
Are you an active member of the website? Then, share your experiences in the comment section.
I just recently signed up in Tunegaga after y cousin’s wife signed up and was paid out. As of writing she’s had completed 3 payouts.
Hello Saundra Park! We are grateful that you have shared and expressed your view here for this platform. Thank you! Stay Connected!
TUNEGAGA is legit, what i like is that they still notify with email & sms for your security, I think it’s secure and safe to use, and it’s paying real money once you reach minimum limit withdrawal.
Hello Nkosinathi! We appreciate your precious feedback for this online platform. Your review will be beneficial for other readers also. Thank you! Take Care! Stay Connected!
It is legit. I have more than 20 referrals already and I have made withdrawals more than 4 times. Just need to understand the system then keep doing your daily task. The platform is positve
Why is the tunegaga site down?
what just happened since yesterday? Can’t even access the site anymore 🙁
The site is gone bro
as far as my experience tunegaga is legit they complete my 4 times withdrawal its like they earn money from me cause i paid my plan in watching but they also paid me from the videos that ive watch from them its a vice versa earnings..
Hello Mjhay! Thank you for posting and sharing your experience about this online platform’s working. This would be beneficial for other readers also. Thank You! Have a Fabulous Day! Stay Connected!
did not receive my deposit and costumer assistance is very bad. .been almost a day and no reply and not even seen but it say costumer assist is online. and responds within 2 hours.
Hello Kopiko! Thank you for expressing your experience with this online platform. It is disappointing that you did not have a good experience with this platform. Have you received your deposit? Please keep us posted about further updates. Thank You! Stay Safe! Stay Connected!
It’s a scam, I bought one of their membership plan but after one week the earning button from their website stopped working. I aired out this issue to their help support but they sent me auto-generated responses that they would fix this problem approximately 3-4 hours. It’s been 4 days and still I cant earn. I think they disabled the button and I never experienced one cash out from that site because again I was not able to earn until I would be able to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. They never sent me any further explanation or any notice on why this happened. So for people out there who are planning on buying one of their membership plans, please don’t this site is pure scam, because you can’t refund your money. That would be all, I hope this helps.
Hello Diao! We appreciate that you have spared your precious time in making other readers acquainted with the truth and working of this online platform by sharing your experience here. Yes, this will help them in getting a solution to their queries. Thank You! Stay Safe! Take Care!
It also happened to me, my deposit is still not reflecting. what did you do to fix it?
it’s actually legit as of now. we have been paid already for 3 weeks now and it’s really great. The question is until when this platform would be? If I were you (this is only my opinion), I’d invest in this site. Anyway, you’ll have your ROI in a month. And the rest of the month is pure profit.
Hello Nica! We appreciate that you spared your valuable time writing your opinion and remarks here. Thank You! Stay Connected! Have a Wonderful Day!
Tungaga is paying as of now but the gospel truth is they won’t be around for long. I started with their $95 subscription plan and I quickly moved through the upgrades to the Accelerator plan which is a $600 subscription. As of now, I have made over $1,500 withdrawals which makes the site profitable. Trust me this is not the first time the website is coming into existence. It comes every year under a different name and vanishes a month or two when the domain is about to expire. Tungaga is reincarnation of boostpal, taskpays, tvscore and others.
If you are thinking of joining and don’t know if it’s the right time to join, I will advise you to do so now whilst you can. You will be at risk if you are joining between April, May, June, 2022.
I have lost money with their previous sites because I joined late but it made me wise and much more strategic this time when I saw them and with a subscription of $95 I was able to move through the upgrades quickly between 6 – 8 weeks and I am currently earning $168.00 per week with no referrals.
Hello Eben! Thank you for updating all the readers with the truth of the working of this web platform. We hope that this will surely answer their queries. Thank You! Stay Connected! Have a Great Day!
Tunegaga is legit coz we had cashout for 3 times and got the money. But for now some users says it’s scam coz we all users can’t access tunegaga for almost 2days. And no one knows what is true about tunegaga? Is it really updating with the other domain ? or they just left and take all the money from us? It will be a lesson to all of us and never be forgotten 🥺 christmas is coming we need our money, hope that tunegaga will come back with our money 🙏
Had a bad experience from tunegaga. My account was auto logged out for almost 5 days. I did not yet with draw my earnings, it was stuck on my account but i cant open it. I made a reset password but it didn’t work. I hope you will take an actions about this.
Hello Shine! Thank you for updating your valuable comment and sharing your experience here. You have tried a lot, but yes, indeed, this online site is not working as also updated by many users, and they have been facing the same issue. You may wait for some time and then report to your respective area cell. Stay Safe! Take Care! Thank You!
I couldn’t earn unless I upgrade and I have to top up my account balance
with fund to be able to upgrade. So this is confusing.
Hello Ralph! Thank you for sharing your concern here. It is suggested to go through all the users’ reviews and experiences and then decide accordingly to use this platform. The users are also facing the issue that the site is not working, and the support team is also not responding. Please decide accordingly. Thank You! Take Care! Stay Safe!
Site unreachable now
Hello Panda! Thank you for updating your review here. Yes, the other users face the same issue, and the website is not accessible. Have you tried to contact their support? Have they responded? Please keep us posted about the further status. Thank You! Stay Connected!
The platform is down now so it appears to be a scam
What’s happening with Tunegaga?
Hello Stark! Thank you for expressing your concern here. Everyone is facing the same issue that the site is not accessible. Have you tried to report this issue at their support? Please let us know further what happened – have they responded or not? Thank You! Have a Blessed Day! Take Care!
Do you have any idea on whats happening now to Tunegaga? We cannot open the web site…..
Hello I got to know about Tunegaga from Mr Reno omokri Instagram page. And I have been introducing the site to so many people and I really love the site and hope I can make some cool cash to finance my children schooling . But today some people have been calling to know why they can’t access their tunegaga account. Please I will like to know what’s happening
Legit as it may seem.. Have experienced payout for about 5x.. but as of today.. sadly.. Site is down..
I am checking the website now and it seems it is no longer working/ available, so does it make it a scam since after all those who paid for the plans can no longer access the website?
I am also . member of tune gaga it very helpful and earnd real money thank you tune gaga long live I hope you continue it can help people and injoy also music and dance with Zumba and see our favorite singer and actor actress God bless
We are waiting for your updates tunegaga.thank you for making USA smart.
What the hell happened tunegaga,? I just upgraded yesterday, and now your just offline.
Still page cannot be opened because server cannit be found.
Website still not working 🙁
Tunegaga website is still down for 2 days now. I think this is a scam.
I am still at loss. I was able to pay out twice..400 dollars bye!
please continue Tunegaga’s Journey in the world of online earning platform
pls tell us what happen to trying to open until now still not pound the website..we still hoping he will back soon.many people this web can help.specialy me and my family..
Hello Jennifer! Thank you for posting your valuable feedback here. All the users of this online site are posting that the site is not working, making it a scam. Yes, some users have also earned from here, but it suddenly disappeared, which makes it feel like a scam. Stay Safe! Thank You!
please back tunegaga I have a lot of lose of my money because of you tunegaga
Hello Rayan! We are grateful for your precious comment here. Yes, all the users are troubled with this issue of the site not working, and most of them are claiming it as a scam. Some users are also updating that we can wait for the site to be working again, but still, it might be a scam. It is disappointing that you have lost your money here. Thank You! Stay Safe!
Are you saying the site is a scam? ALEXIS ALDEN,
What exactly is happening with Tunegaga website.
I have not been able to login for a week now?
Hello Douglas Atung Gabriel! We appreciate that you have spared time in sharing your concern here. We believe that it is not working for the last few days. And other users also claimed that the company closed this site without any information. You may go through all the other users’ experiences and reviews to understand the truth of this site. One user also claimed that this site comes and goes every year with different names. Thank You! Stay Safe & Stay Connected!

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